Formation of donor-specific antibodies depends on the epitope load of mismatched HLAs in lung transplant recipients: A retrospective single-center study

By: Andrew Lobashevsky, Laila Abdel-Wareth, Matthias Niemann, Brenda Kowinski, Nancy Higgins, Basel Atrabulsi, David Roe, Chadi Hage

Published: in Clinical Transplantation 2022.

Patients: 220


  • 220 lung transplant recipients
  • higher DSA incidence when Eplet numbers or PIRCHE-II numbers exceed certain thresholds
  • multivariate Cox proportional hazard analysis found PIRCHE-II score being an independent predictor of dnDSA
  • PIRCHE-II was shown to be useful in predicting separate dnDSA against Class I and Class II