Snowflake epitope matching correlates with child-specific antibodies during pregnancy and donor-specific antibodies after kidney transplantation

By: Matthias Niemann, Yara Strehler, Nils Lachmann, Fabian Halleck, Klemens Budde, Gideon Hönger, Stefan Schaub, Benedict M. Matern and Eric Spierings

Published: in Frontiers in Immunology 2022; 13:1005601.  

Patients: 536


  • First clinical validation of Snowflake algorithm in two clinical cohorts
  • 305 kidney transplant monitored for donor-specific HLA antibodies (DSA)
  • 231 pregnant women monitored for child-specific HLA antibodies (CSA)
  • Comparison of Eplet matching (AbV and non-AbV), PIRCHE and Snowflake
  • In DSA/CSA-positive cases, Snowflake scores were elevated
  • Snowflake scores correlate stronger with Eplet scores than with PIRCHE

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