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A: No worries, if your trial period ends, your license will be changed to Research and there are no fees attached. You’ll still be able to use the batch matching features, but the Single Patient and advanced matching modules will be locked.

A: We do not charge each time you press the “Match” button, but on a case basis. This mean, you can match the same patient as often as you like with as many donors as you want. This also includes the HSCT Search Profile and the SOT RAMP modules.

A: The Preferred Partner plan entitles approved users to have their PIRCHE access sponsored by one of our Preferred Partners. Our Preferred Partners are companies in the HLA field that we collaborate with to provide you with a great experience in using PIRCHE. When you choose to be sponsored by one of our Partners, your PIRCHE usage will be free of charge. However, your search data still remains safe and is not shared with our Partners.

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