Predictive value of molecular matching tools for the development of donor specific HLA-antibodies in patients undergoing lung transplantation

By: Kleid et al

Published: HLA Immune Response Genetics 2023; Online

Patients: 183


  • Observational study of 183 Lung transplant recipients (2012 – 2023) observed for dnDSA development over 1 year
  • Eplet mismatches (epMM) using HLAMatchmaker were calculated and highly immunogenic eplets based on their ElliPro scores were identified. 
  • PIRCHE-II scores (5- and 11-loci) were calculated using the PIRCHE-II algorithm.
  • Patients with highly immunogenic epMMs above 30.5 and PIRCHE-II 11-loci above 560.0 were more likely to develop dnDSA (31.1% vs. 14.8%, p-value = 0.03)
  • Study concludes that Molecular Matching Algorithms can support clinicians to identifypatients at higher or lower risk for developing class II dnDSA and might be help-ful tools for immunological risk assessment in LTX patients